I recorded this album in the summer of 2005 after leaving the Army and taking an extended (and well-deserved) trip to Ireland.  It’s a solo work of original compositions inspired by folk, celtic, and modern sources.  Vocals, piano, Irish flute and fiddle combine haunting melodies and the powerful imagery of life and love.  An all natural unedited recording.  Featuring the awesome musical stylings of Jessica McFarland, Matthew Olwell, and Yuval Mann. Special thanks to Steve Tung for producing, recording, and shepherding this project.  Some sample tracks:


Spy Story:

Fairy Grove Polkas:

Yes, it’s organically grown! No artificial ingredients.  You can get a copy of Lockdown here for $15 (+s/h).  It’s also available on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.  I make my music available to people in all economic situations – please visit my recordings page for more information.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , . feminism, flute, music, song, traditional music, veterans.


  1. treesa replied:

    I stumbled upon a copy of your cd at a women’s center a week ago now, and am loooving it – perfect mix of authentic vocals, honest fluting, and sassy-sweet-poetical lyrics. I adore the lyrics to KAAT and the melody of -edie; and as a former flutist am really enjoying the Fairy Waltz piece….Definitely will be sharing! Thanks (if it was Christie that left them) for leaving those treasures out for those of us who couldn’t really afford to buy it…

    • christiehubbard replied:

      thanks for getting in touch. i’m delighted that the albums fell into appreciative arms. the SF women’s building is a special place, and i’m glad i was able to use it to match up those CDs with such gracious people! (p.s. to me, “honest fluting” is a compliment of the highest possible nature, so thank you for that.)

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