tea equipment


ceramic mug covers and spoons made from coils keep tea warm, shape steam, and make for a jolly 4:00 tea.

some covers consist of a crossbar and a lid. the crossbar allows the cover to fit different mugs and cups. the lid traps the majority of tea heat but has openings through which steam can escape. as the steam comes from the quirky openings, it swirls nicely in the air, a pleasure to watch. the bird’s nest tea cover is created entirely from coils.

the spoons are made from thin slabs and coils extruded from an amputated medical syringe. thirty or so spoons were created, but only six made it through the drying process, bisque firing, glazing, and all the transfers inbetween. some were lost to air pockets or accidents – oops, i touched it and it broke – and others were so delicate and thin that they just couldn’t hold. my favorite is the exquisite copper spoon, its handle made from a single coil and its cup modeled after a rounded rectangular dessert spoon given to me by steve.




Friday, October 20, 2006. Tags: . sculpture.

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