drop poems


the drop poem is a form of poetry i invented in february 2003.  consecutive letters, ideally spanning 2+ words, are marked by a “V.”  the letters in that “V” drop down to form a whole word (or less ideally part of a word) in the next line.

a the idea for drop poetry came to me when i was working out a poem on this piece of scratch paper:


that same evening, i was hanging out with my good pal colin parkhurst.  he wrote his own drop poem:


and someone, though i can’t remember who, wrote this one:


who wrote this poem?? does anyone know?

as you can see, different writers play around with the rules of the poem a lot.  some will take a small combination like “un” from “funky” and drop it down to the “un” of uncle.  i am more of a purist – i prefer to have many drop letters, the more the better, and i love when the dropped letters span several words.  this makes the construction more challenging.  it is a triumph to find the right combinations of letters while preserving the tenor of the poem.  i have decided on a basic set of rules that i like, and here they are:

1. every line must contain letters that drop to the following line.

2. the dropped letters are marked by a “V.”

3. every series of letters to be dropped should contain letters from 2+ words.

4. preferably, rather than making part of a new word, the series of dropped letters should form a complete word.

so.  here is my latest drop poem, “this is terminal.”  i wrote it a few weeks ago during a particularly dull afternoon at work.


this is terminal

Friday, March 13, 2009. Tags: , . writing.

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