self-duets from outer space

two tunes using artificially galactic instrument sounds.  space piano is created by adding a phaser effect.  space flute uses amp simulation and speech enhancer.

Piano improvisation/Price of My Pig:

Here the piano plays an A pedal as the downbeat of every measure. The remaining notes in each measure are natural minor fillers, keys where my fingers fell (often with eyes closed.)  Over this the flute is playing an altered version of a traditional double jig, Price of My Pig, omitting the tune’s usual F#s and stripping it of its dorian flavor.

Breton Dance:

Some years back I learned this tune from piper E.J. Jones at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.   My sweet and eager piano wished to be both accompanist and melody partner.  I could not say no.

When E.J. recorded it on his excellent album The Willow he included these brilliant liner notes about this tune —

“This is a dance tune often done at night festivals in Brittany.  It has words which tell a story of a ten year old boy who tries to impress all the pretty girls in the town with a song and a gift of the eels he caught. ‘Je n’avais pas dix ans que je pêchais l’anguille pour en faire un présent à toutes ces joiles filles. Assis de sur un banc, je leur parle d’amourettes et je les divertis avec mes chansonnettes’ “


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Star Wars Cantina Band Reborn: Our Humble Salute to Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes

My light-and-gourd-adorned C whistle and I joined forces with other galactic instruments in an Earthen tribute to Figrin D’an and the gang.  On Halloween night we roamed the Mission and burst into restaurants and bars playing Modal Nodes classics.  And as if Bith masks and light up instruments weren’t fun enough on their own, we were accompanied by the groupie presence of many Lucas-like creatures and other unexpected assorted characters such as Giant Cockroach and Kenny G.

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