palm sunday

Palm Sunday:

(flute, accordion, Garageband loops, palm banging on Ikea bookshelf)

I’ve been playing games with meter and rhythmic emphasis.  Palm Sunday is a traditional double jig in 6/8, and here I follow it with a “reel-ified” version of itself.  At the metric transition (1:04) I keep the eighth note beat the same but force the tune into 3/4.  One musician friend calls it “a heinous and impossibly fast death waltz,” but I think of it more as a reel with 6 subdivisions per strong beat (as opposed to the usual 4 subdivisions per strong beat).

Parts of the original 6/8 tune resemble a slide instead of a jig, so it already has some atypical phrase shaping that makes the tune feel a bit “off,” and I distort those phrases even more with the additional melody notes in my 3/4 version.  Some traditional music practitioners find the 3/4 adaptation to be quite disturbing – they feel it goes too far beyond the form and thus isn’t stable enough.  I don’t know what I think yet.

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