Shout! Art by Women Veterans

Many thanks to Swords to Plowshares for putting together Shout, an art show featuring work by women veterans.  The show was held in San Francisco at The Women’s Building, a place that is its own work of art:


While meeting many amazing artists and interesting art-show-goers, I soaked in the experiences of live readings, excellent cake, and a woman-centered space.


here are several of my pieces displayed on an old grand piano


another view of the display piano

I shared three pieces at this show:

ruby red combat boots

ruby red combat boots

Ruby Red Combat Boots – glitter, acrylic paint, studs, and jewels on leather

By early 2003, 6 months from separation, I was ready to click my heels together three times and head home.  But how would I get there?  And what shoes would I wear?  They’re not as delicate as the slippers Judy Garland wore, but I like to think if Dorothy left the Oz-land of the military, these are the boots that would transport her to her next adventure.

basic combat training journal

basic combat training journal

Basic Combat Training Journal – paper, ink

In 1998 I hid a blank journal in my pants, sneaking it through boot camp shakedown.  Luckily no one discovered my contraband (ideas and the ability to share them!).  Every night, head under an itchy wool blanket, I wrote.  Readers may explore this journal by reading entries in order, opening to random pages, or selecting entries marked with color-coded tags.

vase, self-portrait

vase (self-portrait) plus display placard

self-portrait – clay, sand, acrylic paint, shoe polish, rub & buff metallic goo.

unglazed vase.  i do not see myself as glazed.


more photos of these pieces…


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drop poems


the drop poem is a form of poetry i invented in february 2003.  consecutive letters, ideally spanning 2+ words, are marked by a “V.”  the letters in that “V” drop down to form a whole word (or less ideally part of a word) in the next line.

a the idea for drop poetry came to me when i was working out a poem on this piece of scratch paper:


that same evening, i was hanging out with my good pal colin parkhurst.  he wrote his own drop poem:


and someone, though i can’t remember who, wrote this one:


who wrote this poem?? does anyone know?

as you can see, different writers play around with the rules of the poem a lot.  some will take a small combination like “un” from “funky” and drop it down to the “un” of uncle.  i am more of a purist – i prefer to have many drop letters, the more the better, and i love when the dropped letters span several words.  this makes the construction more challenging.  it is a triumph to find the right combinations of letters while preserving the tenor of the poem.  i have decided on a basic set of rules that i like, and here they are:

1. every line must contain letters that drop to the following line.

2. the dropped letters are marked by a “V.”

3. every series of letters to be dropped should contain letters from 2+ words.

4. preferably, rather than making part of a new word, the series of dropped letters should form a complete word.

so.  here is my latest drop poem, “this is terminal.”  i wrote it a few weeks ago during a particularly dull afternoon at work.


this is terminal

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a multimedia art show featuring works by women veterans.   it is open to the public and absolutely free.  everyone is welcome to come…


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st. cecilia is in the woodshed

this is what music looks like   

this is what music looks like

i’m in the woodshed

haven’t visited for several years now –

been busy with bodies and babies, that instant high in the moment of birth

now st. cecilia, goddess of music, is tapping her foot impatiently

i’ve missed the feeling of her pine shavings under my feet

and the way she giggles at the sound of my fingertip stopping up a pipe to form a perfect note


everything i need is here –

quiet, cork grease, olive oil, string and beeswax for my one threaded tenon, cotton, metronome, water,  my hands

so we begin again

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yoga by the sea(m)

seeing the world a different way these days...

child’s pose

see the sea.  see my seam.

seems clear.

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Since losing access to the wonderful Ding Dong Studios in Arlington, VA, I have been experimenting with multilayered home recording. Created with Garageband, “V” was my first entirely self-grown musical project. It was written in response to a guy who scorned any public broadcast of the word “vagina.” He said it was a dirty word, a swear word. To this my vagina reacted quite strongly, insisting on taking the mic and speaking the truth. You might say this song fell out of my lap.


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