Many of my recordings are available to listen to and download right here.

Sevens/Glass Island Reel: two flutes, piano accordion, Garageband loops. Sevens, a contemporary Liz Carroll original from her 2000 album Lost In the Loop. Glass Island, a contra tune by Ethan Hazzard-Watkins. They are joined here by a batter of modern beats and old world piano accordion. See original post.  Download.

Palm Sunday: flute, accordion, Garageband loops, palm banging on Ikea bookshelf.  A traditional double jig in 6/8 followed by  a “reel-ified” 3/4 version of itself.  Perhaps think of it more as a reel with 6 subdivisions per strong beat. See original post.  Download.  

Price of My Pig: traditional Irish tune.  artificially galactic flute sounds (space piano,  space flute).  use of amp simulation and speech enhancer. See original post. Download.

True Nature: original song.  voice and garageband loops.  thoughts of feminism, essentialism, humans in the forest. See original post. Download.

Nordic Backroads Kalimba: original instrumental. purely loop generated.  exploration of geographically widespread musical ideas and garageband world music jam pack. See original post. Download.

V: original song. voice, garageband loops, midi.  thoughts of gender politics, body positive, strength countering violence, self-knowledge, vaginas as sources of power and pride. See original post. Download.

Breton Dance: traditional Breton tune.  artificially galactic flute sounds (space piano,  space flute).  use of amp simulation and speech enhancer. See original post. Download.

Incredibly Happy: original instrumental. purely loop generated using garageband world music jam pack material. Download. See original post.

When You’re Two: original song.  voice, garageband loops, speaking voice input salvaged from old answering machine messages.  meant to inspire body movement in two-year-olds.  a birthday gift for my niece Essie. Original post. Download.

Live from UC Berkeley undergraduate recital: may 2010 recital at Morrison Hall.  guitarist Will Wheeler.  a mix of traditional and neo-traditional tunes.  Original post.

Lockdown: sample tracks from the album Lockdown recorded in 2005 after a year’s sabbatical (post-Army band).  largely singing-songwriting, some instrumental.  unedited unspliced chemical free real life music.  Jessica McFarland, Matthew Olwell, and Yuval Mann featured here. Original post.

More recordings from the album Lockdown can be found on:


Amazon mp3 store

CD Baby

directly from me (via paypal)

If you would like to hear more of this album and can’t afford any of these options, please email me and we will work something out on a sliding scale, barter, or free.  However you manage to get a hold of my recordings, I encourage you to lend, burn, import, trade, and share them with people in your life.

Do contact me if you wish to record your own versions of my songs, as they are copyrighted works.  And hey, let me know if you’re going to perform any of them, mostly because I’d just find that darn interesting.  And maybe I can come hear you play.

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